Ken Paxton Prosecutes Google for Antitrust

Why Google is in the sights of 50 American prosecutors

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Prosecutors have announced the opening of an antitrust investigation against the company, accused of dominating all aspects of advertising and Internet research. The staging was well done. State prosecutors were standing in Washington on Monday, September 9, before the columns of the United States Supreme Court, a sign of the […]

Fake News Democrats Protestants

Trump’s plan to muzzle the “fake news media”

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The US President’s allies are seeking to raise at least $2 million to fund research on certain journalists and political columnists, according to the US website Axios. The aim: to discredit media considered hostile, such as the “Washington Post” and the “New York Times”, in view of the presidential elections […]

Hurricane Damages

Hurricane Dorian causes historical damage in the Bahamas

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Its passage killed five people and damaged some 13,000 homes. The storm is expected to approach the east coast of Florida between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Five dead, at least 13,000 homes devastated: a provisional assessment of the passage of Hurricane Dorian was provided by the Bahamas Caribbean Archipelago […]