Bernie Sanders 2020

The 78-year-old senator is in a very favorable position before the avalanche of “Super Tuesday” on March 3, when fourteen states will vote.

Bernie Sanders largely won the vote in the US state of Nevada for the Democratic primary on Saturday, firmly anchoring himself in the position of favorite to challenge Republican President Donald Trump in the November 3 election.

At 78, the independent senator with a clearly marked program on the left had a very large advantage, with 46% of the vote, over still partial results.

According to these results from 23% of polling stations, former Moderate Vice President Joe Biden appeared in second place (23%), far ahead of former Mayor Pete Buttigieg (13%).


Buttigieg’s warnings

But the latter sought, with a strong speech, to present himself as the best moderate bulwark against a Bernie Sanders whom he judges too far to the left to be able to rally the voters and beat Donald Trump.

“Senator Sanders believes in an inflexible ideological revolution that forgets most democrats, not to mention most Americans,” he said.

Benjamin and 38-year-old primary revelation, he warned Democratic voters against the risk of choosing a socialist for whom capitalism is “the root of all ills” .


“Bernie” in a position of strength

This third round of the Democratic primaries places Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, 78, in a very favorable position before the avalanche of “Super Tuesday” on March 3, when fourteen states will vote.

Triumphing before the crowd who came to acclaim him by shouting “Bernie” , the senator was already Saturday in campaign in Texas, heavyweight with the California of the States which will vote for this big electoral day.

“We are going to win across this country because the Americans are fed up with a president lying all the time,” he said. “In Nevada, we have assembled a multi-generational and multi-racial coalition . “

Still very popular with young people, the septuagenarian this time managed to attract minorities, one of its weak points during his failed attempt to win the Democratic nomination in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

Advocating in particular a profound reform of the health system towards universal coverage, this claimed socialist had then been perceived as too much to the left by a good part of the democratic establishment.


Warren remains in the running

After Iowa and New Hampshire, the Democratic candidates presented themselves in Nevada with a more diverse population, with a third of Hispanic inhabitants.

A difference that represented a test for Pete Buttigieg, who struggled to convince voters from minorities.

Long a favorite, former vice president Joe Biden, 77, was pleased with his result in Nevada, after two humiliations in the first votes.

Popular with minorities, the former right-hand man of Barack Obama intends to make a good score next week in this southern state, where blacks represent more than half of the democratic electorate.

Despite her fourth place, progressive senator Elizabeth Warren, 70, assured that she would remain in the race in front of thousands of supporters on Saturday evening in Washington State, which will vote in March.


Bloomberg takes to the track

Bernie Sanders arrived in Nevada already with two excellent results in Iowa and New Hampshire. In the first of these two states, however, it had been moved a hair ahead by Pete Buttigieg.

The multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg, 78, meanwhile skips the first states to enter the fray during “Super Tuesday” .

Despite this, the fortune of the former mayor of New York allowed him to rise to third place in the average of the national polls, with hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising spots.

Which pushes his rivals to accuse this ex-Republican, who is campaigning in the center, of wanting to “buy” the election.