elizabeth warren

To face Donald Trump, the American daily has exceptionally chosen to support two candidates for the presidency of the United States.

The Democratic primaries begin in two weeks’ time in the United States and it is time for the country’s dailies to reveal who they will support for the presidential election.

The prestigious “New York Times” opens the ball and creates a surprise by announcing support for two candidates, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.

For the first time, the newspaper was unable to decide between two candidates and said it wanted to reconcile a “radical” choice, represented by Elizabeth Warren, and another “realist”, played by Amy Klobuchar.

For the left, Elizabeth Warren was more convincing than her competitor Bernie Sanders, who was considered “too revolutionary”, too old, and her proposals were considered too “rigid”.

As far as the moderate Democrats are concerned, the paper prefers Amy Klobuchar to Vice-President Joe Biden, who only proposes to “go back to the pre-Trump era”, which would not help the United States move forward “as a society”.

“A key debate is taking place right now between two visions that could determine the future of the party and perhaps the country,” the newspaper editorial, published Monday, January 20, said.


“A road full of pitfalls” for Warren

Elizabeth Warren, who represents the left wing of the Democratic Party, is fairly well placed in the polls, regularly in third place behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

“The path to Warren’s nomination is fraught with pitfalls, but not hard to imagine,” the New York Times said.

While Amy Klobuchar, moderate in her pronouncements, is further ahead in her voting intentions, the paper praised her qualities.

Her long experience in the Senate “and her proven ability to bring the two sides together would make her an expert at compromise (truly, for her part) and a figure who would unite the two wings of the party – and perhaps the nation,” according to the daily. “May the best man win,” he said.

For the first time, the newspaper showed in a transparent way, in a television programme, the process of nominating its favourite candidate. It included interviews with nine candidates.