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In particular, Beijing will “suspend requests for recovery visits from US warships”.

China announced on Monday, December 2 the immediate suspension of US warship recovery stops in Hong Kong and sanctions against several US non-governmental organizations. These measures are being taken in response to the adoption in the United States of a law to support pro-democracy demonstrations that have shaken the Chinese autonomous territory for six months, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters.

Last week, the communist regime announced that it would take retaliatory measures against the signing by the American President of this law on human rights and democracy in Hong Kong. Beijing considers this text to be an interference in its internal affairs.

In response, the government decided to “suspend requests for recovery visits from American warships, effective immediately,” said Hua Chunying. American ships regularly anchor in Hong Kong, as part of visits that allow sailors to “recover” in the former British colony. Beijing had already blocked two visits to American ships last August, according to the US Navy. A visit by the US Navy had previously taken place in April, before the demonstrations in Hong Kong began in June.


“Absolute Abomination”

The Chinese government will also “impose sanctions on NGOs that have misbehaved” in Hong Kong, including human rights associations: the National Endowment for Democracy, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the International Republican Institute, Human Rights Watch and Freedom House, detailed Hua Chunying, without specifying what these sanctions would consist of.

Last week, Beijing described the American law on Hong Kong as “an absolute abomination”. This text threatens to suspend the special economic status granted by Washington to the former British colony if the rights of demonstrators are not respected. US President Donald Trump also approved a measure prohibiting the sale of equipment to the Hong Kong police to suppress demonstrations.