italy demonstrations

In Italy, the “sardines” still resist Salvini

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The movement, founded a month ago on the rejection of hatred embodied by the leader of the Italian extreme right, took like a powder trail. In Rome, this Saturday, December 14, he will be counting his strength.     In Rome, this Saturday, December 14, in the famous Piazza San […]

xi jinping china president

China sanctions US Navy and NGOs “that behaved badly” in Hong Kong

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In particular, Beijing will “suspend requests for recovery visits from US warships”. China announced on Monday, December 2 the immediate suspension of US warship recovery stops in Hong Kong and sanctions against several US non-governmental organizations. These measures are being taken in response to the adoption in the United States […]

trump and mark mark zuckerberg (facebook) in the oval office

Facebook in Trump’s embrace

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Zuckerberg’s political mistakes, accused of complacency towards the Republicans, could put a severe strain on an already fragile company, says Nicolas Colin.      Uber’s descent into hell in 2017 was triggered by a hashtag. Shortly after coming to power, Donald Trump formed an advisory board composed of leaders of major […]

airplane on the sky

The longest direct flight in history landed in Sydney

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The passengers were observed by researchers during the 19-hour flight. The longest non-stop flight in history landed in Sydney on Sunday morning, October 20, after more than 19 hours in the air since leaving New York. Qantas’ experimental flight QF7879 travelled for exactly 19 hours and 16 minutes, the first […]

amazonia in fire

Amazonia, a paradise on fire

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Au Brésil, la forêt amazonienne en feu est aussi le résultat d’un combat, celui que perdent les arbres face à l’avancée de l’industrie agroalimentaire. Voyage dans le poumon de la terre, par la photographe Cristina de Middel, de l’agence Magnum.   This summer, images of the world’s largest fire-damaged rainforest […]


Boris Johnson accused of sexual touching by a British journalist

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In an article published Sunday in the Sunday Times, journalist Charlotte Edwardes accused Boris Johnson of having caressed her thigh insistingly against her will in 1999. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, champion of Brexit, is also known for his tumultuous loves, but the denunciation of a journalist, who accuses him […]